The Cold, Grey Days of Winter


Now the cold, grey days of winter,


Sunshine through the clouds.


Of snow cover green fir and pine.


For warmth, for shoots of green


And birds heard as they return to sing.


Loudly their joy at the return of Spring


Hope that the end of frost is near


We wait under a thick cover


With soup, bread, and wine


And watch for dawn’s break, for midnight’s end


The cold, bring forth the light,



No more the cold, grey days of winter.



This is an echo poem in response to Jane Doughterty’s Poetry Challenge



29 thoughts on “The Cold, Grey Days of Winter

  1. I like that the echo bounces around and boomerangs back to home base, completing the cycle. Just now I see a sliver of sunrise light this morning in PA, so welcome after a cold, grey day. A splinter, a sliver . . .

  2. I love the photo of the bulb-is it a snowdrop bravely peeking through? And the way in which a single word line rhymes with the previous word – very clever. Altogether lovely Merril 😀

    • Thank you, Susan! I had fun with this format. It is indeed a snowdrop. I took it one day about a week ago when we had had some snow, and then I spotted the snowdrop where the snow had already melted.

  3. Someone else already mentioned this, but since I noticed it too — I love the way your echo bounces around and circles back. Lovely thoughts of spring on this cold winter day. 🙂

  4. I very much like how you used the echo verse–your words prevail in such a way that reading feels natural (difficult to do). Spring seems far away right now, here, but who knows?

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