Reflections on an Assateague Beach


And so the branch lies there bleached white

Its leaves no longer court the light,

Torn by wind, weathered by spindrift,

Like Ozymandias it stands

A reminder, beached on the sands.

Time’s horses fly, colors redshift,

Yet we remain through words and art,

Cover distances though apart

We’re born, we love, our journey’s swift.


This is for Jane’s Poetry Challenge 23: Nove Otto  9 lines, 8 syllables, aabccbddb


30 thoughts on “Reflections on an Assateague Beach

  1. My memories of this lovely beach are certainly more vivid than those of Shelley’s poem that I remember discussing with students who were clueless about life’ brevity. So nice to have your company on “The lone and level sands stretch[ing] far away.”

  2. I love this evocative photo, Merril. And you managed to contain it within a form. I can tell that poetry is calling your name right now. And it isn’t a siren song. 🙂

  3. “Yet we remain through words and art…” This jumped out to me. Love it.
    I miss your head popping up from your computer screen as I wind my way down the hall each early morning. FYI

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