In the dreamworld time

words were born,

they tumbled in waves

through air and sea and

scattered like seashells on the beach

sparkling, sharp, buried, bright,

gathered like mussels,

polished like pearls

to feed minds and souls–

Words of wisdom

(Beat the drum)

Words of joy

(Do not destroy)

Words of sorrow

(Keep for tomorrow)

Words of hate

(Oh, please wait)

and most importantly,

Words of love

(A thousand examples of)

Words resplendent and complete

Words, some bitter and some so sweet

In the dreamtime born uncertainly

But lasting through all eternity.


©Merril D. Smith 2016


Here in the U.S., it’s Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day to mothers everywhere!


My mom and I–wine glasses in hand!






18 thoughts on “Words

  1. Gorgeous photos of gorgeous women! Gorgeous words like a sparkling stream … thanks Merril and Happy Mothers Day to you! It’s MD in SA too … lovely phone calls from my sons in different parts of the country – so special!

  2. My Mom and I drink lambrusco or sangria. She taught Spanish, so we say a toast I will share, simple but special, Merril.
    “Salud, pesetas y amor. Y tiempo para paserlos.”
    “To your health, to money and to love! And time to enjoy them!”

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