Good morning, whispers the sun

open to promise, come

enjoy this June day, and swoon

(just a bit)

from the scent, the flowers’ perfume.


Listen to the water chuckle

over the rocks it gambols,

and there a flotilla of geese,

proud sailors off to conquer

the mighty creek, their ocean.


Body still, mind wandering,

waiting for what?

Inspire me, I say,

I can sit here all day near the water.

(Perhaps not)


Good morning, whispers the sun, again

the day is full of promise

enjoy it,

lunch and fresh air,

birdsong and laughter


Bring respite from sorrow,

rest now, worry tomorrow.

Sweet slumbers, the moon murmurs

as night falls, and sleep brushes me

like a gentle kiss.


Schooners on Wissahickon Creek 

This is in response to the Secret Keeper’s Writing Prompt. The words this week are:


We took my mom to lunch yesterday at Valley Green Inn. Then we sat on a bench by the side of Wissahickon Creek.  It was sunny and clear with a breeze, a perfect June day. We didn’t mention the shootings in Orlando, or check our phones. It was very peaceful.


11 thoughts on “Serenity

  1. This is exceptional! You are so amazingly talented. I am so glad I got to read this, because it is breathtaking.

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