Peace Dream

“Imagine all the people

Living life in peace”

–John Lennon, “Imagine.”

When I was young,

maybe seven or eight,

I went to bed one night,

and dreamt about The Mummy,

Boris Karloff with his shuffling gait,

walking in my backyard

trailing bands of white linen

arms outstretched,

a nightmare image,

but somehow then, my dreamself knew,

I could change the story.

And so, in my dream world

that mummy played ball with me.

Standing in my backyard tossing it gently,

he cracked a smile

beneath his layered wrappings.

Now I wish I had that power

to change the world I see,

to turn bombs and guns

into birds and flowers,

to turn darkness to light,

to change hate

into love.


By Ayuugyi (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (, via Wikimedia Commons



19 thoughts on “Peace Dream

  1. Ohhhh, what a wonderful metaphorical (literal AND figurative) poem. Yes, yes. We all have the power to change scary mummies into fun, playful, peaceful ones. We all have the power to change hate into love. One dream, one person at a time. xo

  2. Thanks for writing that, Merril. I couldn’t agree with you more and I loved the inclusion of that dove. I heard about the shooting in Dallas today. Such sad and tragic news. The world needs a bit clean up in so many ways but change is possible. Just need to keep chipping away at it, like Michel Angelo and his slab of marble, which he transformed into a work of art.
    Hope you had a great week and are enjoying the sunshine. Cold and wet here for the school holidays this week.
    By the way, next week the kids perform in the Scout Gang Show. It’s a variety show and it includes a lot of well known Disney songs,Dr Suess. Should be good and after months of rehearsals, can’t wait to see it and them!
    xx Ro

    • Thanks for stopping by, Rowena. There seems to be new horrible story every few hours. Tell your kids I say “Break a leg” (but not really :). I’m sure you’ll enjoy the show.
      We’re having a heat wave here with temps in the 90s F, but I feel a bit better now that our a/c has been fixed!

  3. You do change things just by talking about it and not being afraid to hold true to your values. That’s all most of us can do, but if there are enough of us, it starts to become the norm. Snowball effect.

  4. Merril, the way your dream of the Mummy was transformed was a special and significant memory. I also wish we could change guns and bombs into flowers and birds, the other emotions transforming too. If only dreams came true. . .
    I am sorry about the hortible state of the world. We need to keep hope alive, along with changing our own small corners of the world.
    I liked Pam’s thought of “one dream, one person at a time.” ❤

  5. A few lines I saw this week hit home and I’ve begun to share it everywhere: “If you want to change the world, start with the next person who comes to you in need.”

    Traumatic world events make me feel powerless; I feel comforted by the thought of doing my one wee bit. Thank you for this timely gift.

    Peace and joy to you, Merril.

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