29 thoughts on “Rain Like Laughter

  1. Much, much better than a rain dance – may it work its magic in the dry spots of the world including our neck of the woods. By the way, you’re very good at this, Merril!

  2. I liked this one a lot. I felt some of it, as well as seeing the pretty flower photograph cheered me up, Merril. I will have to come visit you this weekend, sometime in between life and work! 🙂 Thank you for your lovely comments!

      • The front that you are getting today passed through yesterday. We got about 0.4 inches at our house. …. 4 inches (or more fell 20 minutes away) … and maybe not to that extreme, but that has been a frequent pattern this summer for our location.

      • The golf tournament my husband was going to play in got cancelled, but the sun has been out this afternoon. I think we’re supposed to get more rain over the weekend though.

  3. Thank you. Your words were just the way I wanted to see them written. You did a beautiful & meaningful Haiku. You are quite good at it, if this is how you work the words. Challenges are always good for the soul, especially if something magical comes forth as it did in your Haiku. You honor me with your writing.

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