Flickering Star

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Treasures locked away/ the vastness of space

deep inside her brain/ is a tempting mystery

little understood/ how to solve the puzzles

past, present, and future mingle/ and how do we know what tense to use

as the bright star flickers and becomes a black hole / we see the light only after it’s gone


This is a cleave poem in response to Secret Keeper’s Weekly Writing Prompt.


This week’s words are: Tempt/Treasure/Tense/Vast/ Lock

A cleave poem is three poems. Each side is a separate poem, but together they form another poem. I can’t seem to format this correctly, so the last two lines on the right carry over to the next line.





13 thoughts on “Flickering Star

  1. Well done.
    And interesting… This afternoon, I wrote a poem for the challenge contrasting past, present and future. (However, when I was done I realized I hadn’t used the last 2 words. Maybe I can rework it)

  2. I love how both parts really speak to each other–the mysterious interconnections of the inner mind and the outer world. Caught my attention especially as I have just begun reading a book about physics and the meaning of “nothing”–an exploration that is going to take a lot of focused attention on my part. 🙂

  3. I think if you didn’t know the form, this still works out beautifully. Merril, the stars are truly magical through your poem. I particularly like “deep inside her brain” and how do we choose the tense? Great depth here. ❤

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