Wake, Listen: Magnetic Poetry



Wake, listen

let life voice

a naked need,

we must laugh & dance

like a morning breeze

of coffee & angel caramel breath

perfuming air with joy


Grounds for Scupture


This is for Doug, Elusive Trope’s Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge


19 thoughts on “Wake, Listen: Magnetic Poetry

  1. Beautiful.
    I looked at the images at groundsforsculpture.org, and I think I’d probably burn through a couple of sd cards walking through that park. The sculpture in your photo reminds be of one (I think by the park founder) at Griffis Sculpture Park in Western New York – http://griffispark.org/griffis-sculpture-park/ . 450 acres with rough trails, but absolutely worth the walk, even climbing some of the hills. I spent many days there, especially in the autumn. There’s another nice park outside of St. Louis – Laumeier Sculpture Park.

    • Oh, you’d definitely burn through your cards at Grounds for Sculpture. What is especially nice is that nearly all of the works can be touched, climbed on, sat on, etc. We went to deCordova Sculpture Garden outside of Boston last summer while visiting our daughter. It was lovely with some interesting work, but not as fun as Grounds for Sculpture. Griffis looks beautiful.

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