Sweet Water Song and Look Out They’re Here: Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge


The oracle first gave me this poem, a contemplation of life and love. The bottom seems to be cut off in the screen shot. I copied it first, just in case. Perhaps the oracle thought that was a better ending.

Sweet Water Song


Ask an ancient river

whither come love

between moss or spring bloom

a color bright

& moon over rock

it is here

I know

follow sweet water song

and gentle breezes

making poetry

to ask why

this life



Then this one came from the leftover words.

Look Out! They’re Here


though vivid

never watch

as cold brown blanket

rose above him


Life who were

Some say


Wander this world nightly



Both poems are for Elusive Trope’s Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge.Β  I think they illustrate our dual natures. I watch Masterpiece Theatre and The Walking Dead.

Everyone is welcome to play along on Magnetic Poetry Saturday. See the links on Mr. Trope’s page on his blog, Specks and Fragments.


24 thoughts on “Sweet Water Song and Look Out They’re Here: Magnetic Poetry Saturday Challenge

  1. I did my poem (so fun!) but now I have to learn how to do a ping-back. Oh Lord help me – I didn’t learn how to do a ping-back the *first* time I went through Blogging 101 because I didn’t want to read what seemed like may be complicated directions. Guess I’ll hold my nose and go to WP Help.

  2. Merril,

    I love especially your first poem. But I also resonate with the desire to use the leftovers.

    In 47 years of “keeping house,” I have seldom thrown out any food. Had some unusual dishes, but all nourishment squeezed out of the fridge.

    What’s good for the inside (food) and what’s good for the outside (poetry) may be the same?

    • Thanks, Shirley.
      I suppose both food and poetry nourish us.
      My husband is still eating leftovers from our Rosh Hashanah dinner, but I have also made some wonderful dishes from leftovers.

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