Ghost Dance: A Quadrille


He watched them dance out on the beach,

watched them dance, just out of reach,

he stood and gazed, in a trance,

time stood still, or was enhanced,

a ghost flitted near and took his hand,

he joined the dance, for he was damned.



Thorvald Niss, “In the Morning On the Beach,” [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


This is for dVerse, Quadrille Monday. This week it’s hosted by Kim from Writing in North Norfolk. The prompt word is ghost.



31 thoughts on “Ghost Dance: A Quadrille

    • Thanks, Marian. In my mind he’s a Victorian man–maybe Norwegian or English. I can see him in my mind. He’s based on character I came up with for one of Jane’s microfiction prompts.

  1. For me, there was an element of hope, Merril. Even “damned” ghosts have a potential dance partner. (Somehow this also amuses me! 🙂 )
    So sorry, it was hauntingly beautiful.

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