Coming of Spring: Tanka


The Wissahickon from Forbidden Drive


Winter descended,

hearth fires banished the gloom,

red flames burned to ash

when spring rains came tumbling down

silvered twigs turned green


This tanka is for Colleen Chesebro’s Weekly Tanka Challenge.Β The prompt words were fire and rain.

41 thoughts on “Coming of Spring: Tanka

    • Yes, this was from a few weeks ago in February when Doug and I ate outdoors at the Valley Green Inn, and then we took a long walk. We’re expecting rain and snow late tonight and cold temperatures over the weekend.

  1. I love that area of Philadelphia. My parents grew up in Germantown and I believe my mother and father talked about swimming and ice skating in the Wissahickon park area when they were kids. Later, after John and I married, we would wander the trails down there with our cocker spaniel, Brandy. Your phrase: “silvered twigs turned green” capture the beauty of the park transforming from winter to spring.

    • Thank you so much, Susan.
      It is a beautiful area. Well-to-do 18th century Philadelphians used to have summer houses in Germantown. Doug and I like to eat at Valley Green and then walk off our lunch. πŸ™‚ There were lots of dogs about that day I took this photo. Some people had a group of dogs on the other side of the creek, and the dogs were playing in the water.

  2. What a great image and story your Tanka tells. I am so ready for spring and you nailed my sentiments exactly! ❀

  3. Back to temperatures in the low thirties, this weekend, with snow and/or freezing rain. I almost took the advice of the local Master Gardeners to plant grass seed the first week of March. I’ve seen some of our “silvered twigs turned green” and hope the temperature doesn’t drop too low.

  4. The cliff was such a great place to take a picture from, Merril. The water wasn’t muddied from flooding which made the rocks appear to be like a bubbling brook. I enlarged the photo and realize the water wasn’t rushing and the white spots weren’t foam or bubbles. Hope my “new” vision of the beauty in this scene still doesn’t totally negate my original words. . . πŸ™‚

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