Balloon Song: Quadrille

The child cradled the balloon,

what was left of it,

with wisdom beyond her years,

she sang a song of loss,

reality, what was and what is,

now grown, she’s flown

floated, landed


no hot air within her,

but love

makes her soar



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This is a quadrille for dVerse. The prompt word was balloon. This poem is based on an event that I cannot explain without embarrassing one of my daughters, but the sentiment applies to both daughters.

42 thoughts on “Balloon Song: Quadrille

  1. What is a quadrille poem? I mean, I looked up on the link and saw something about 44 words, but really? that’s it? Anyway, I like this poem and the imagery created, whatever form it is ;)!

  2. Better love than hot air to make one soar. How one approaches loss may be the way to get that love. We have videos of our daughters when they were very young as well. If you have them backed up they should be around for her husband to see.

  3. Isn’t it curious, that most memories of very young children are held by their parents, who then return them to their children when they are able to retain them? The thing is, with home videos, how sure can we be that a child’s memory isn’t from a third-person perspective. Seeing my daughter watch (and re-watch) recordings from her early years, I sometimes wondered that.

  4. The funny thing about my grown kids is they don’t care what I say about them. They have friends who are LinkedIn, where my blog streams. I guess I needed to say this because maybe I should be upset they think I will only say good things. (?) Their weird childhood things are more likely to come out of their own mouths. Lol πŸ˜€

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