Time Tumbles

Monday Morning Musings:


When I was young I played on the beach with my sister

we built sand castles and moats

and body-surfed the waves

peaches and plums dripped with sticky sweetness under the summer sun

for years, I imagined their taste mixed with bits of sandy grit–

memories held in mind’s drawers, sliding in and out,

tumbling in time


My love and I walk the beach hand and hand

summer-warm skin, golden-toasted

bodies young, futures imagined

(but not)

lazy days and languid nights

hot kisses dancing across flesh

burning, tumbling in time

FullSizeRender 146

We walk the beach holding a daughter’s hand,

we walk the beach holding two daughters’ hands,

watch them build sand castles and body surf in the waves

we get hugs and kisses

ice cream melts down faces and onto summer dresses

laughter and tears when storms come

and time tumbles


We walk the boardwalk with grown children


nieces and nephews run ahead and behind

and on top of railings

(Get down from there, Sammy!)

talk of family and this and that

warm summer days

warm memories

ice cream that melts and drips down our fingers



(lick it off)

the sun sets

and the ferris wheel spins,

the moon smiles down on us



I hear the ocean sing

waves tumbling

like time


I hold my love’s hand as we walk across the sand

the tide pulls, ebbs and flows

time tumbles again and again



Yesterday was our 39th anniversary. We went to the beach for a few hours and then out to dinner. A wonderful day!


39 thoughts on “Time Tumbles

  1. Happy anniversary you beauties!
    What a wonderful wander through the sands of time with this marvelous musing! Monday is always brighter after reading and taking the journey with you! Especially with those smiling faces in the photos! 🍾🍾🎉🎉☀️☀️🤗🤗😘😘

  2. Happy, happy anniversary! Wonderful photos, wonderful poetry/prose. You brought back a lot of memories for me — memories of the Jersey shore when I was a girl, when my own love and I walked the beach, when we took our children there… all very similar to your own memories but, I’m sure, different.

  3. I love peaches with grit of sand blown upon sweetness, Merril. What a specific description! xo
    I love your happy daughters joining in the joy of lots of memories!

    Such lovely pictures you shared, too! 💕 Two of you, traveling the road, sharing and side by side. 🎶

    I pictured an hourglass (⏳ turn this one over, since I see another full side to go!) with sands of time tumbling slowly into the future.
    “Waste not a grain of sand” also popped into my mind. Happy Anniversary and may you have many, many more, dear friend.

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