Yecheilyah’s First Annual Poetry Contest – Grand Prize Winner!

So this happened. I won a poetry contest!
You can read it here.
Thank you to all the judges, and to Yecheilyah for making it happen and publicizing my poem.

The PBS Blog

Hey Guys!

I am honored to introduce to you our Grand Prize Winner of my first poetry contest!

First, a special thank you to Colleen and Lisa for helping me to put this together. With my schedule, I could not have done it without you two! Family, please go ahead and follow their blogs. You WON’T be disappointed!

Follow Lisa Here

Follow Colleen Here

Next, I would like to thank everyone who entered as well as those of you who shared this contest. It is not easy to “stand” up here and do something like this so thank you for your support.

Drumm Rollll…

Congratulations to Merril D. Smith for her poem “Zora Neale Hurston.”

Not only did it touch on our theme, but it embodied so much of Zora that I felt like if I didn’t know who she was before, I did now. Here’s what Colleen had to…

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27 thoughts on “Yecheilyah’s First Annual Poetry Contest – Grand Prize Winner!

  1. I left a message but using my cellphone it may not have recognized me as a legitimate comment! This happens to Dan Antion, who wrote a whole post this week and he is an actual tech “geek!”
    Your poem was a beautiful and memorable tribute to Zora N Hurston. She really was a fascinating woman who left her mark. The way she entered a room, wrote in an avant garde fashion and then, sadly was not given her due while living were depicted through your words.

    I left a poetic description of your own impact upon my life. You’re a great friend and I hope when winter comes more timely responses will come from me to you.
    Congratulations on your well earned first prize poem!

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