Name the Evil

In the movie,

this would be the point where the starship arrives

changing the course of events

saving us from ourselves,

saving Earth, saving humankind


Our movie runs in a continuous loop,

conflict after conflict,

guns, bombs, and hate,

attacking the other

we watch it unfold,

let it happen,

forgetting that people who are ignorant, hungry, afraid

listen to the demagogues,

we wait for the starship to arrive

for the hero to appear,

but this is an interactive experience

the storyline only continues

if we change it,

write the words,

name the evil,

expose it,

lead the hope,

feed the starving

heal the sick

teach the words of love,

look for the helpers,

become one and gather others

become the heroes

before it’s too late






24 thoughts on “Name the Evil

  1. It is definitely a world in chaos and circular thinking which needs reason (logic) and love to make it a better place to be. This was frenetic and made me feel a nervous, but sad sort of energy. This is part of the sense we have of urgency. . . I may be passing my own feelings in this interpretation, Merril.

    • That’s the thing about poetry, it’s always up to the reader’s interpretation. We are living in a scary time, and part of me wishes that the Enterprise or some other starship would go through some kind of time warp and save us.

      • I like the idea of heroes and in the past, my family was a huge group of fans of Star Trek, as well as the generations after. . . We definitely need saving, Merril.
        Who would have thought these big (bad) setbacks would happen again? We had so much progress in the President Obama years. . .

      • Agreed. Hope you have a serene Sunday, I am helping move my youngest daughter’s stuff to a “high-rise” apartment. Yesterday, bigger items and friends helping. Now, back for the cleanup and little things we didn’t have time to take.
        Two daughters moving within a month isn’t the best for relaxation! πŸ˜‚

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