Earth and Stars, Music: Haibun

I wake to news of carnage. I wonder, fraught at what is wrought by men and guns and crazed ideas. My spirit feels wounded, unable to summon the joy. Yet I know it is there, buried in my heart, waiting to soar. I know that above me, the stars still sing, and the moon hums her changing melody, calling the tides. Come play, she croons, come roll and prance.  Music of the universe, music of Earth. Listen–there the mockingbird, and there the robin, and there up at the top of the oak tree, the blue jay squawking. The gift of song, it’s all around us.

Joyful spirits sing

the sound of a summer breeze

laughs through a window


Frank Bramley, “When the Blue Evening Slowly Falls,” [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

This Haibun is a for Colleen’s Poetry Challenge. The prompt words were spirit and joy. Since I didn’t participate last week, I also used that week’s words, gift and song.





28 thoughts on “Earth and Stars, Music: Haibun

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  2. Merril, your haibun had a positive effect on me. Thank you very much.
    Somehow, some way, you went beyond the horrific events, your words were from nature’s constant touch upon our lives.
    Summer breezes do make me smile. I love the idea of gentle coolness “laughing” as it comes through the window.
    The painting is uplifting for our spirits, too.

  3. I’m sitting here watching as the moon sets and the sun rises, and your beautiful haibun fit in so well. Thank you for reminding me to listen to the “Music of the universe, music of Earth.” ❤

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