Dreaming Shapes in the Mist: Haibun

I am dreaming. I traipse across the moors in Brontë country. It’s almost Halloween, and back home I’ll soon be carving jagged smiles on pumpkin faces. As I walk, the sun sinks lower in the sky, deepening the grass’s golden glow. Shadows walk with me, till they are obscured by the darkness. Night lays a black shroud over the naked trees and heathered knolls, covering them completely. A fine misty rain obscures my vision even more. It kisses me all over, lightly like a playful lover, until I am weakened and drenched. I stand, uncertain where to go or how to find my way home. At the sound of a ghostly screech, I jump, then laugh a bit at my fright. It’s just a barn owl. There’s nothing here to frighten you, I tell myself–until cold fingers wrap themselves around my wrist. I try to call out, but no sound emerges from my throat. I try to wake, but I cannot. I am dreaming I tell myself as the bony fingers pull me down to the cold, damp ground.


Shapes in the darkness

nightmares come in autumn’s mist

Jack’s crooked mouth laughs



George Lambert, “Moorland Landscape with Rainstorm,” [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I’ve been told a true Haibun is supposed to be based on a real experience, but I decided to have a bit of seasonal fun with this. I suppose it is flash fiction with a haiku, but I’m calling it a Haibun. This is for Colleen Chesebro’s Weekly Poetry Challenge. The prompt words were mist and shape.



33 thoughts on “Dreaming Shapes in the Mist: Haibun

  1. Excellent! I haven’t heard or read that a Haibun should be about a personal experience. I hope not. Mine would bore people blind! LOL! I like to think that we can follow the rules as to form as closely as possible while still being creative and writing in the present tense – just like you did! Excellent creepy Haibun! I should make that a thing! LOL! ❤

    • Thanks so much. It wasn’t an actual dream, but I’ve had dreams where I’ve felt paralyzed, and I’ve dreamed of the Bronte area, and I remember being scared by the ghost in Wuthering Heights. I just put it all together. 🙂

  2. The imagery of the damp night’s air being misty and the low visibility being “like a black shroud” were realistic. Then, the fingers wrapping around your wrist sends me into terror mode. If I felt clutching on my own hands I’d be the screeching Robin, not a barn owl!
    I took a picture of the full moon with clouds creating a jack o’lantern. At first, it looked like a “horn” in the top over a face. It was like a devil’s growth, then someone helped me to see a “stem.” Yay, much better! No ghouls!

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