Grace in the Moon

This is for the dVerse prompt, “Grace.” Things were off for my New Year’s Eve and New Year’s, but I was struck by the brilliant moon. I felt there was a message there, if only I could hear it.


The moon hums with a fierce light



pale white heat

we do not hear or feel it,

the insistent beat

on rural roads or city streets,

though she hums aloud

weโ€™re lost in darkness

lost, frozen, under this

tenebrous cloud


but if we stop,

listen for a space


here in this unknown place

look upon a well-loved face

find here, see, a bit of grace

in love constant, shining like the moon

like her humming tune,

hear the whisper in the wind,

hope is coming, listen, soon



22 thoughts on “Grace in the Moon

  1. That moon is showing up everywhere…clearly it’s magical. I’m still percolating it myself, and I haven’t even looked at all the photos I took yet. She IS humming…I can hear her right now…(K)

  2. This included words which to me are not only about the moon, but about enduring, timeless Love.
    Well-loved face,
    Love constant.
    So much within these words in meaning and content, Merril. โค

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