In the Quietness of Everything

This is for dVerse. Björn asked us to be conscious of how we punctuate the silence in this poem. I normally do use commas and dashes and sometimes periods for full stops, but I did try to be extra aware of pauses here.


in the blue-white of a snowy morning

silence reigns. . .


winds brush all with feathered wings,

but hush the birds, who do not sing

as they huddle in their nests and wait. . .


and I, with cup in hand, sit still,

wonder if it ever will

get warm again. . .


by window side, there I bide,

I look outside on winter white,

the whipping flakes diffusing light,

I gaze, listening to the out and in,

and the quietness of everything






46 thoughts on “In the Quietness of Everything

  1. Your pauses reflect the cold calmness of white snow. I can see the birds huddling together in the pines to keep out of the wind. While we all sit with warm cup in hand wondering how they can survive! Very great poem!

  2. Such wonder in the silence, such beauty in the words, Merril.
    Snow seems to quiet my inner voices of doubt or restlessness. I do calm down more in winter evenings.
    I walked along “my” nearby creek to take photos of its lovely, shimmering surface. I awoke refreshed in the deceptively frigid sunshine. 🌞 🌬 🌨

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