Freedom: Haibun

This is for Frank Tassone’s Haikai Challenge. Tomorrow is a federal holiday that celebrates the birth of Martin Luther King, Jr. Frank has asked us to reflect and write about freedom. Here is MLK’s “I Have a Dream speech.

My grown daughter is visiting. She dances into the kitchen in the morning, and I join in with a song. Iโ€™m happy that this is a safe place for her, and that here she feels the freedom to be silly. We both do.

Too many people think freedom means waving a flag and repeating slogans. But greatness does not come from denying others the right to love, to learn, to live without fear of a knock at the door. Freedom generously shares a dream, but requires effort and vigilance. Freedom looks forward in hope, not backwards to repression.


dreams hibernating

wait for springโ€™s awakening

hearts dance in sunshine





26 thoughts on “Freedom: Haibun

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  2. In your family’s (and mine) we are lucky our dreams ๐ŸŒŒ ๐Ÿ’ซ don’t have to hibernate. We are awake this (late) Sunday morning. We ate breakfast. Food is always available. My three M’s grandchildren are reading books to each other, cozy in warm, fuzzy pajamas. We are discussing which we will eat for early lunch, chili or pizza?
    We plan to walk over at 12:45 pm to see “Paddington Bear 2” at our local Strand Theatre. (Showing at 1:15)
    I will purchase popcorn, treat and drink in 3 Kid’s “Packs” and set them in a pile across from where we sit, as they run up an aisle to get booster seats that have cup holders built into the plastic. We are very lucky!! The girls (first and third grades) went to Head Start, often telling the teacher on Monday morning what they saw at the movies. She finally wrote a note to tell my grown son and wife, “Could they resist having their enthusiasm expressed, it comes off as bragging?” I was glad they had the open communication from preschool to home, since I had taught my children when they went to the Bahamas with their Daddy, or Florida with my ex and me, to refrain from talking too much about it. . .
    Freedom also ensures we All feel lucky for what we have; without need to constantly share it with those who may never leave the state we live in. I have two co-workers who have never been out of the state nor been on an airplane. It made me less likely to talk about Mississippi and Louisiana around them. . . . They barely scrape up money to buy groceries. . . Single moms who are frustrated, immigrant workers, Javier, Muhammed and Maria who find themselves charged higher rents “since they’re risky tenants.”
    Just to let those know how I still take their stories to heart and sometimes share them. ๐Ÿ’ž

      • I think they will! Hope it will mean more as they go through life. They are playing “Go Fish,” now. Going a play or movie theatre is a real treat for me, too.
        The cousins together is so nice, since my cousins and I only saw each other twice annually.

        Yesterday, I taught Micah how to play Scrabble. His mother is bright in math, science and art but not able to spell, except using phonetics. I tried but didn’t worry as she grew up, Rich has a PhD and still doesn’t spell but has papers and important letters proofread by his wife Susan. She can’t write about brain studies, they balance out. . . ๐Ÿ˜Š

      • It is nice that they have cousins. My mom grew up with lots of cousins around, and one of her cousins is like a sister and lives in the same building now. She has been such a big help.

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