25 thoughts on “Poem at Streetlight Press

  1. Whoa! Quite potent in it’s horrible description of rape, conquest and snake eyes of the perpetrators. . . The ending was both sad and inevitable, Merril. Thank you for sharing this and congratulations on getting published.
    (The “t” is missing in the title of Streetlight Press, fyi.) Also, how do we comment on the press site?

    • Thank you for the comment and for letting me know about the missing “t.” I’m having issues with WP. . .ugh. I’ve corrected it. I don’t know if you can comment on the journal site? Perhaps on their social media?

      • Thank you, Merril! I’m glad we can help each other out. You’ve been a great friend. I like how you have researched and added links plus a recent song. ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽผ

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