Grey Changes with the Tides–Haibun

We’re driving to the shore. Charcoal clouds drift and grow, and the day grows darker. All the rough lines and divisions between sea and sky are feather-brushed into one scene of blended grey. We circle the blocks, looking for a place to park, then sit in the car, listening to thunder, and watching the rain fall in silver sheets around us, filling the air with the scent of petrichor. The steady stream of water becomes drops that tip-tap-taper off, and the dark clouds blow away, leaving a blue sky with an egg yolk yellow sun. We walk to the beach. The sea is calmer now, but I hear it call–it is ever changing and never mute.


waved-claimed sandcastles

spindrift in endless cycles

blown by summer storms

Ocean City, NJ


This is for dVerse, Haibun Monday, where Björn asked us to write about grey.

I’ve also used this week’s words from Secret Keeper:  Calm/rough/storm /ease /mute

26 thoughts on “Grey Changes with the Tides–Haibun

    • Thanks, Kerfe. You are so right about how the weather at the beach can change so quickly. The day I was thinking of we were actually meeting family members there. When we got to the beach, it was beautiful, as I described it, but when my niece, her family, and my mom finally got there, it started to rain again. I think the sun did come out again though. 🙂

  1. Love the image of the “waved-claimed sandcastles.” Lyrical and tickles my tongue when I say those words aloud.

    How fun to listen to thunder in a car and watch the rain! Golden moments. ❤️☔️

  2. Oooh, even though there is grey, there is a wondrous rhythm in the waves churning,
    “spindrift in endless cycles!” I loved your prose description including how “the scent of petrichor” was present, Merril.

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