Barely Spring–Haibun

The weather seems more unpredictable than usual–open windows one day and heat on the next. I wake listening to rain. It is dark and dreary. Then I hear the birds begin to greet the day. Each morning, the sun rises a bit earlier and sets a bit later. I know we could still have a blizzard, but hope is in the air, rising with the crocuses. Spring is coming.

February sun

hides light under grey coversβ€”

yet mockingbird sings


Watching for birds in the rain.


This is for Frank’s latest Haikai Challenge.

38 thoughts on “Barely Spring–Haibun

  1. Ah… mockingbirds mocking spring… I like that play.
    At least the birds provide some color.
    Unfortunately it will soon be time to change the clocks (March 11th) and morning will be late again.

  2. What a beautiful cat! Such a stunning haiku at the end of the haibun. You describe our weather as well – heat then cold. I love the sounds a mockingbird can make. Perfect end to your haiku.

    • Thank you so much, Toni! I love the mockingbirds, too. Last summer one sang outside our bedroom window all night, but it didn’t bother me.
      This cat has one yellow eye and one blue eye. He’s my husband’s cat. Our other cat, a little grey striped one who loves everyone, but especially me, is mine. But I love them both. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much, Victoria. I’m not very good at identifying bird calls, but this morning when I went outside,and it was still dark outside, there was definitely a mockingbird singing–quite a concert in the dark.

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  4. I have noticed a wider variety of birds in the trees of OWU campus arbor and along my walks around town. This was a wistful photograph, hazy and warm inside. . . The movkingbird’s song appreciated and included. Thank you, Merril for this pensive haiku. Soon, spring will appear here!

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