Robin Searches Here: Tanka

Robin searches here

beneath the snow-covered grass

new life is sprouting

in renewed light seeding hope

replenishing Earth again



This is a tanka for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday.  Colleen asked us to write a poem using synonyms for “renew” and “fresh.” I was walking by this window that looks out at our back yard, just as the snowstorm on Wednesday was starting to pick up. This robin by the oak tree caught my eye, and I quickly took a photo through the window.







16 thoughts on “Robin Searches Here: Tanka

  1. It shows the brave little robin in his search for food, as well as the bittersweet challenges we as people must face in the freezing cold weather! Oldest daughter needed a new battery and son ran out of gas due to broken gas gauge.
    I liked your “seeding hope” here. 🦅🌱

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  3. Yep, it is busy under there. I’m forever intrigued when tender shoots just appear even before the harshness of winter is completely gone. And those birds, where do they hide. Mother nature at her best.


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