Faith in Spring: Haibun, NaPoWriMo, Day 3

I walk out into the dark morning. I can’t see him, but I am serenaded by the mockingbird. Soon snow mixes with the plothering rain. But still the daffodils bloom, glowing in the gloomy day. As the rain disappears, the skies lighten, and I notice the grape hyacinths at the side of the driveway. Were they there yesterday? I smile at the sight of the perky purple flowers. I have faith that spring will soon come–and stay—until pushed aside by summer’s heat. Before long, we will stroll through the Azalea Garden at the art museum, dazzled by the pink, coral, and red flowers. Their warm fragrance will scent our memories when the cold returns.


birdsong and blossoms

trigger heart’s anamnesis—

dreams becoming truth

FullSizeRender 385

This is for Frank’s Haikai Challenge and dVerse Haibun Monday. –maybe somewhat tangentially for both prompts. I have no associations with the white lily, azaleas don’t bloom here till late spring, and I don’t have religious faith. But for any who are interested, here are some photos of the Azalea Garden at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.




43 thoughts on “Faith in Spring: Haibun, NaPoWriMo, Day 3

  1. ‘Plothering rain’ what a wonderful expression! And I love the grape hyacinths too. Ours are almost over now, but they’ve been around a long time. They are a beautiful deep blue.

  2. Plothering rain… definitely! We are just now almost snow-free (and yet they are calling for a small storm by the end of this week… 😦 ) Won’t be seeing grape hyacinths any time soon…

    • Thank you, Björn. We have a foggy morning now. It is kind of pretty, but we’re supposed to get wind and thunderstorms–which might not be so pleasant as the plothering rain. This is a crazy spring!

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  4. Okay, I’ll admit it. I needed to look up anamnesis. Reminiscence. And the even better definition: the remembering of things from a supposed previous existence (often used with reference to Platonic philosophy).Well, yes, last spring does seem like a previous existence. In fact, spring still seems farfetched around here, so I shall continue to reminisce until our daffodils bloom – which can still be weeks away, it seems. ;-0
    I will use this word anamnesis in the near future. I’ve been using ensorcell with great delight in the past week. :–)

    • Thanks so much, Pam.
      They are good words, aren’t they?
      Today is bright and sunny here, but still windy and chilly. While driving to the gym this morning, I noticed some trees had flowered, seemingly overnight–but Saturday we’re supposed to get rain/snow. UGH!

  5. Faith in SeaSons
    Nature’s Temporary
    Promise Now Human
    Climate Change More
    Erasing Winter.. Gone
    Two Years Then.. Before
    iN Florida Panhandle way
    as Spring Hot Chocolate
    Dreams Relieve Faith
    in Winter Returns
    Cancers away..:)

  6. My yard used to have many grape hyacinths – I gave many away. I had one large purple one from my side yard on my holiday table. The smell is almost overpowering.

    I’ve been to the Hershey Rose Gardens… but not to a garden just for blooming Azalea.
    That would be a brief time – mine only seem to last about a week. Less if we have a good rain that knocks off the blossoms.

  7. I liked how you heard the mockingbird song and recognized it, Merril. I like grape hyacinths​, they really have a pleasant scent. Mom used to put little grape hyacinth stems in small containers, some in the bathroom, one in each bedroom. 💜

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