Twinkling from Afar, Tanka

Twinkling from afar,

dead stars’ light glimmers the sky,

illusions of time,

the past waltzing through our minds

laughter and tears remembered

NGC 6744
Hubble, NASA, ESA, and the LEGUS Team












This tanka is for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday using synonyms for fantasy and merry.





19 thoughts on “Twinkling from Afar, Tanka

  1. Hi, Merril. I’m around until next Monday. There won’t be any recaps for next two weeks, but I did schedule the challenge posts. Wonderful Tanka. The image of a star dying is a great analogy. ❤

  2. My Dad introduced me to the fact that bright stars may be gone (“dead”) even as we saw them sparkling. As a child, it was rather a serious thought about the distance light takes to travel from space to here.
    Those last two lines are superbly written, Merril!

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