We marked the spot where first we saw her walk

there the woods, and then to the meadow dark.

She seemed to drift or soar, in white, like chalk

of the cliffs, where ships below lay there stark,

old bones without life, bereft without spark.

The ghost though, from what hauntings had she fled,

did she seek love, did she know she was dead?




This is a septet for dVerse. In honor of dVerse’s seventh anniversary, Frank has asked us to write a poem of seven lines on any subject. I’m not sure that it’s quite rhyme royal, but it’s seven lines, and it rhymes. I’ve used Secret Keeper’s weekly writing challenge words: ghost/mark/woods/soar/meadow.

30 thoughts on “Ghostwalk

    • Wow, Frank. I’ve never seen one, though I’ve sometimes thought I sensed something/one.
      There was a 2017 movie called “A Ghost Story” with Casey Affleck that involved a ghost rooted to a spot. Not a movie for everyone, but I loved it.

  1. Chills and goosebumps! I love your Ghostwalk poem so very much, Merril!! Bravissima.

    Have you ever read Elizabeth Drew Stoddard poems? She lived in the late 1800’s. Her ghostly poem, “In the Still Starlit Night,” reminds me of your gem.

  2. The last question just rocks! Pulls us into the ghost’s world, we can relate to that question, do we live, or just hover in haunting, and if we really were not living, how would we know? Carpe Diem! Lovely!

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