November 11

I wake to see Venus gleaming as the sky lightens from indigo to azure. The goddess of love beckons and beseeches, but the war god always wins.


Morning star rises

heralds the poppy-red dawn–

November morning


Senseless wars go on,

honoring in fall parades

stars blaze, flash, and die



Vincent van Gogh, Poppy Field, [Public Domain] Wikipedia

This is for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday–Poet’s Choice of Words, and Frank’s Haikai challenge using the prompt, “Armistice.”



48 thoughts on “November 11

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  2. Oops, did not write here or I didn’t push post back on Sunday Veteran’s Day, Merril. Maybe I wrote about the beautiful sky you described and senseless wars on Instagram or FB (?!) Hugs and wishing for Peace, no more innocent bystanders to a man’s angry reactions to life! 🕊️✌️💕

  3. Ah, if only the goddess of love ruled the world! Beautiful opening to your poem, Merril. Yes, war is senseless, indeed…. couldn’t agree more! I just read an excellent article by Caitlin Johnstone who wrote: The best way to honor war veterans is to stop creating them.

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