Solstice Dreams


On this longest night

no trilling riffs of birdsong,

only dreams take flight,

gathering round the cold full moon

dancing home through sodden clouds



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Happy Solstice—Winter or Summer! It is rainy, dark, and dreary here in NJ. This is a print I own, but it was a gift, and I don’t know the artist. It’s the wrong season, but I can dream. 🙂

I’m linking this to Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday Challenge. She’s on break, but so thoughtfully left prompt words! This week, synonyms for fly and sing.




35 thoughts on “Solstice Dreams

  1. Lovely, but not your description of NJ (where daughter is headed tomorrow for Christmas with her boyfriend’s family). Have you ever wondered why the moon is featured so prominently in your poetry?

    • The rain should be finished tonight, and then the weather looks fine for the next few days–not too cold and sunny–so your daughter should be OK.
      It is strange about the moon, since I’m such a morning person. 🙂

      • Sorry–didn’t mean to ignore you. It was getting to be dinner time. Hmm. . .I don’t think I have a hard edge. Sagittarius people are supposed to be exuberant, adventurous, outgoing, athletic. . .and I’m pretty much the opposite of all of those–quiet, kind of shy–not unfriendly, but –ewww–one cat just followed a millipede (?) into the kitchen. Those million legs sure do move quickly–though not any more. Anyway, I don’t seem like a Sag. 🙂

      • EWWWWWWWWWWW! Awful. No, but neither do any of the 3 people I mentioned. My mom is super shy and not at all athletic, although she has enjoyed golf. Hard for her to make friends until recently. The other two are friendly and more outgoing than me, but not exactly the adventurous types. Must be something wrong with the Sag definition!

  2. Wonderful. And you know, that beautiful print could almost be frozen drops of water at the ends of the branches so… it could!
    As for the dreariness… here too. No white Christmas for us, this year…

    • Thank you, Dale. You’re right about the print! 🙂 We don’t often have a white Christmas here. I’m happy the weather is supposed to be nice–for the next few days. I think we may even see the sun at some point. 🙂

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