For My Younger Daughter on Her Birthday

Twenty-eight years—

a lifetime—

or just a blink—


time passes that way

without regard for what

we think


of all the moments,

the tears, the joy,

together, we link


them, forming

the totality

I would not rethink


through whys

or ifs, to undo


that which is

so wondrous–you.


A quick birthday poem–posting on dVerse, where Grace is hosting Open Link Night.






47 thoughts on “For My Younger Daughter on Her Birthday

  1. A perfect maternal gift for a twenty-something, still fresh-faced and dreaming–not yet brought to ground by the mundane, the profane, the lame and lecherous.

  2. Oh, doesn’t time fly, Merril! My daughter will be 39 this year and I can’t believe it. What a wonderful birthday present you’ve written for her. Wish her a happy birthday from me, please!

  3. This poem is a lovely gift of words. Hope her day was special. 🙂 My younger son is now 30 and that has officially makes me old. Time flies so fast as a parent!

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