For My Older Daughter on Her Birthday

Ocean City, NJ

Little girl

gambols by the seaside


the saltwater flows,

and she grows


wondering who she is,

who she’ll be


as onward flows

the sea, she knows


kisses, and soaring free

to be


herself, and shows

a world images–she knows


what dreams can be


A quadrille for dVerse, where De is asking us to use the word kiss. Sorry for all the birthday poems, but I wrote a poem for younger daughter’s birthday, so I had to write one for older daughter’s birthday today. I’m struck by how many of her paintings are of soaring figures—both people and sea creatures. You can see some of them here.










57 thoughts on “For My Older Daughter on Her Birthday

  1. Happy birthday to your daughter and please tell her that I love her artwork! I also love the quadrille, Merril. How lucky your daughters are to have a mother who gives them the freedom to soar free to be themselves and find out what dreams can be. I hope I’ve done the same for my daughter.

  2. Wow, her work is astounding and those figures certainly bring out a sense of freedom and elation.
    This birthday poem speaks of her artistic sojourn which compliments the life lived in such a soaring manner. I love the flow and structure of this verse.

  3. I clicked on the link. Oh my! She has a real talent…..I especially love her drawings of the figures, all uplifted, soaring. You must be very proud, and rightly so. Happy birthday to her….I know she’ll love your poem! 🙂

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