And You Ask Why: NaPoWriMo


Claude Monet, “Spring in Giverny,” [Public Domain via Wikipedia Commons]

I am moon-drunk


and watch to see her

whisper diamond-cool beauty

over here, there. . .


and now spring’s honeyed daylight shines

playing in time with the sweet blue sky,


aching of if

and the smell of dreams—


and you ask why–

though the wind chants

when, never, and after


Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 7.28.10 AM


Day 6! I smiled when I read today’s prompt for NaPoWriMo: “Today, write a poem that emphasizes the power of “if,” of the woulds and coulds and shoulds of the world.” My poems are full of ifs, and the Magnetic Poetry Oracle often plays along.




29 thoughts on “And You Ask Why: NaPoWriMo

  1. The Oracle will be looking at all the if poems today I think. And the painting with that clear light is perfect too.
    I love of course the last 3 lines. (K)

  2. Well done, Merril. This is like one “if only” after another, strung in a way that offers possibilities… if only.

    btw… You may want to re-comment at NaPoWriMo. Your link goes back to the NaPoWriMo prompt.

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