Almost Like Magic, NaPoWriMo



Master of the Female Half-Lengths, “Portrait of a Lady as the Magdalen,” [Public Domain], Wikipedia Commons

Almost like being haunted–

an inner voice, a muse,


of shadow-flickers

and twilight-swirls.


The spirits come

(sometimes they don’t)


You hear the rhythm of their dance

(or you don’t).


Grey wraiths become prisms

absorbing, diffusing colors


creating rainbows and whirlwinds

blowing words upon the page


where you find them—

almost like magic—



ethereal made corporeal


both nebulous

and precise.



Day 28 of NaPoWriMo. The challenge is to write a meta-poem. I think this is more a poem of creating, but I have a busy day, and this it’s what happened–almost like magic. 😉





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