My Theory, This

Odilon_Redon_-_Der_Wagen_des_Apolls (1)


Once we thought

a golden chariot brought

the sun to move around the earth,


once we saw only what could be seen—

except the spirits in-between

here and there, birthed


in our imaginations,

as we created causation

to explain our earth.


Once, did dragons breath fire

until they were forced to retire?

Any theory can be brought forth


for haters and deniers,

but crisscross the wires,

spread kindness and mirth.


My theory this—

not to be dismissed

through rotations of the earth–


believe in facts, the real,

but sense earth’s magic, the ideal.


This poem is for my theory prompt on dVerse. Join us in poetic theorizing!

63 thoughts on “My Theory, This


    So still she lies, as if some shell abandoned, blear-eyed from sleep
    Shipwrecked, abandoned to some soggy dotage caked in mire
    Be not deceived, imagining vacuum where once was fire
    Thoughts and feelings spark yet, drift dreamily, aimless, ancient, deep

    Take heed, both wise and foolish souls; fair warning: t’is best to creep
    Past lightly, with harnessed breath; waken not the dragon’s ire
    No less than fearsome monster, prone to bouts of fey desire
    Exceeding duties as guardian, this dragon now feeds on sheep

    Protection for that heart of mine once long ago rudely spoiled
    That dragon, turned to basilisk, has festered and gone awry
    Too far too many empty nights left red-eyed the dragonfly
    Wound itself tighter and tighter till inextricably coiled

    A dusty heirloom, tucked away, out of sight, a feathered wing
    This fragile heart, free from defence, defiant, still dares to sing

  2. Wow, your last two lines are precisely what knots me into a quandary. If we look at the facts, the human race is a frightened, greedy, warring lot. But my spirit wants to believe in magic. That is why I write poetry, and read and watch fantasy adventure and science fiction. I am glad I am old. I won’t be caught much longer in this contradiction called life. This was a stimulating write MERRIL…

  3. I love that you went back to the beginning, Merril, to mythology, reminded us of the magic, and summed it up in the final beautiful rhyming couplet. The rhyme scheme is very effective, especially:
    ‘… haters and deniers,
    but crisscross the wires,
    spread kindness and mirth.’

    • Thanks so much, Laura. I’m pleased you liked it!
      There’s a lot of magic to be experienced and dreamt about–and things our limited senses can not really take in, but I trust science and facts.

  4. I love this because what I’m sensing between the lines. That is, the fantasy being those who ignore information in favor of a belief … much like multiple aspects of our society today.

  5. Lovely meditation – and it goes so well with the poem from the prompt – an astronomer poet. How do we live in a scientific age? Not forgetting the magic.

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