Theories of Clouds and Time


Caspar David Friedrich, “Drifting Clouds,”[Public Domain], Wikipedia Commons

Once I looked up at the night sky

and watched the clouds flying


like time

on feathered wings,


I flew along,

eager for what it’d bring,


asking why–

finding when


happens then

again, and time the thing


like clouds

that drifts up, away, sighing.


Taking a work break! This is a quadrille for De’s prompt on dVerse using the word “up,” and for my dVerse prompt on theories.

And some music, Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now”–from her Clouds album.



















45 thoughts on “Theories of Clouds and Time

  1. Hi Merril, really like this beautiful piece on clouds. I have included a link to the most breautlkingly beautiful recording of “Both Sides Now” that Joni ever made. It was recorded for her gorgeous ballet entitled “The Fiddle and the Drum”. It is danced to magnificent re-recording Joni created of her most esoteric songs. It is haunting and exquisite. Go to this link and listen to Joni perform her classic as a mature woman, in an experience you won’t forget!

    • Thank you for your kind words, and for the link. I have actually heard this version on the Penn station, but I didn’t know it was done for a ballet. I can imagine it. This version is certainly poignant, and different from when she was a young woman whipping off the songs for this album.

    • I’m glad I scrolled! I was going to include this version as well – my absolute favourite version with her cigarette/life-roughened voice that gets you deep in the gut.

  2. This is lovely. “…time on feathered wings,” Exquisite. I enjoyed listening to Joni Mitchell, too. Both versions. Or both sides, now. 🙂

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