All the Questions


512px-Redon,_Odilon,_Apparition,_1905-10 (1)

Odilon Redon, “The Apparition,” [Public Domain] Wikipedia Commons

Could, can, we celebrate–

see the magic of fire-red sky

and perfumed ocean breeze?


Would, will, stars dazzle

or haunt the night in if?


When is always?

And how did, does,

time go like a soft laugh

from an open window–


and all the words breathe who and this

and almost were



remembering secret voices,

wild ghosts, joy


It’s been a strange couple of days, and I was almost afraid to– but I consulted the Oracle. I shouldn’t doubt that she always knows.






54 thoughts on “All the Questions

  1. You’re right, the message is almost the same, but yours is brighter, more hopeful. Admittedly, if she’d given me a cheerful message this morning I doubt I’d have heard it πŸ™‚

  2. Sorry to hear about your mom and your daughter’s four-legged babies. Sending you love and positive thoughts. The poem is soothing and hopeful. The Oracle can be kind. ❀

  3. Magic of the Oracle

    The light of the breeze.
    The perfume of the stars.
    With her many voices,
    breathing her soft laugh,
    she dazzles as she celebrates.
    Always, if we listen.

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  5. There are days where things just don’t go according to play or we are left in waiting. Much enjoyed this, Merril.

    And hope all works out with your mom and your grand-pups!

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