Bodies and Souls, Part 2

blue and silver stetoscope

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And so, we ponder the mysteries

of body and soul, the medical arts,

blood pressure, pulse, the body parts

and histories


(labeled with another’s name)


We wonder, who is she

who intrudes on the charts

who lubs dubs with my mother’s heart–

the mysterious Susan C.


We speculate—

the student who once threw a roll,

or was it she on the grassy knoll?

What is or was her fate?


(Did they need to operate?)


Let’s Google her, we say.

Is it her, or her, or her?

Which woman there would we prefer?

It doesn’t matter, either way.


Why won’t her name disappear?

Is she a Russian spy?

Why? Why? Why

is her name so clear, so near


to erasing it—persevere, we will.

There! All set.

No. Sigh. Not yet.


(Do you think she’ll pay the bill.)


I don’t want to go into details or give the woman’s full name, but there was another woman’s name associated with some of my mom’s medical records, and we could not get rid of it. But we got a little silly with wondering who she was. If interested, you can read my more serious post here.











25 thoughts on “Bodies and Souls, Part 2

  1. That’s happened more than a few times with me too; 2 women with the same first middle and last name – same dentist, same gynae … the last woman 10 years younger and for a pregnancy check – 🙂

  2. Oh, dear, you really don’t want to see another person’s name and stats on your mother’s chart. “Hello, nurse, there’s a strange woman in my mom’s charts!” I’m glad you could have a sense of play with it. Could your mom have an alter ego? 🙂

  3. Sometimes silliness is the best sanest approach … especially if dealing with an insane situation. Which it seems you are. I’m guessing it takes multiple approvals to erase even a small misspelling once entered into a medical record. Don’t you wonder if the person making the updates was named Susan … amusing herself to stay awake … thinking no one ever looks at her inputs anyhow …

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