Live and Grow


Live, grow, through the greys

hope for, golden rays

that give

life some bright displays

and love some pathways

to live

without them and they,

without risk, some day


grow tall, through the frays,

tell a tale that sways,


hate, instead to blaze

in unforeseen ways–


Hope for golden rays,

live, grow, through the greys.


Grace is hosting Open Link Night at dVerse.Β  This is another attempt at a lai noveau.

I walked by the Holocaust Memorial in Philadelphia yesterday, and I was happy to see the Theresienstadt Tree has grown since the last time I saw it.






69 thoughts on “Live and Grow

  1. A powerful symbol that is and I love how you captured the hope and life of outliving greys. A positive message written in a wonderful lai nouveau.

  2. A great topic and a successful Lai Nouveau. If the form goes through next week, I want to try the nouveau. Inspiring.

    • Thank you, Glenn. I’m pleased my poem inspired you to try one. I haven’t been all that thrilled with the form.
      I believe the lai form goes until next Thursday, when there will be a new form introduced.

  3. This is absolutely splendid! ❀️ And yes I agree with Glenn πŸ™‚ you inspire us to try the Lai Nouveau form.

    • Thank you, Rob. I’m pleased this one held your attention.
      I’m not terribly excited by this form either, but I thought I’d give it another try. Some of the lai poems just seem stilted and too rhyme-y.

  4. I marvel at your prowess. I’ve been working on a personal poem for days (was challenged to NOT write one following a challenge but to do it on my own). Dunno when (if) I’ll ever git ‘er done πŸ˜‰

  5. Good one, Merril. It flows without hiccups and has a clear and very beautiful message. Out of interest, I notice that you write ‘greys’ not ‘grays’. Is there a reason? I thought in the US it took an a.

  6. First time hearing of the camp and those who live on from it. Devastating. Your lai nouveau in honor of those from before and those going onward is appreciated. This part in particular: “tell a tale that sways, outlives hate,”

    • Thank you, Jade. I’m glad I was able to give you a bit of knowledge about that camp. It was the so-called “model” camp, where they let Red Cross observers in and tried to make it look not so horrible. There were a lot of artists and musicians there, and children. There was a children’s opera performed there, too. It’s all so horrible. I look at that little tree every time I pass by.

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