I don’t need a yacht or rings–

or bling—


only enough wealth

to pay bills, to manage health,


the everyday decisions,

not star-struck visions


(think of

Richard Cory, richer than a king. . .)


but listen to the mockingbird sing—

riches the world brings


This is a quadrille for dVerse, where Kim has asked us to use the word “rich.” For some reason, the poem, “Richard Cory” popped into my mind. You can read it here.







56 thoughts on “Riches

  1. I didn’t know that poem. It’s a good one, has a catchy rhythm them, bam!

    You don’t need a yacht or bling, I know. Some people do though, that’s the problem. Some people have the idea that they couldn’t possibly be expected to live without it. If only we weren’t so greedy.

  2. For some reason, I read this with the voice of Coolio in my head. And then I heard ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’ – also in Coolio’s voice! I like the aside about Richard Cory and the final lines are fabulous, Merril!

  3. Listening to the birds singing brings me joy too. I like the moderation approach to materials things. Have it enough, and enjoy more of life.

  4. You know this poem reminds me of your Monday Musing about “small joys” like strawberries and dogs. I’d love enough wealth to manage my health and my cats’ health too (we spend more on their health needs than we spend on our own 😉 ). Time is also wealth and I’d love more time to spend on those small joys. No yachts necessary, a canoe will do.

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