In Flight


Vulture in flight. Red Bank Battlefield, May 24, 2019.


Sometimes we dream of birds, in flight, in flight,

they soar far past the sun, in flight, in flight.


Follow hawk or geese—the height, the height–

there see towering clouds, in flight, in flight.


What if they were we, soaring out of sight, the sight–

your wing brushes my breast, in flight in flight.


We fly past stars and moon, the light, the light!

Our spirits dance at night, in flight, in flight.


We’re drunk on moonbeams, a rite, a rite

of dream-world gods, in flight, in flight.


Do you question this? Not quite, not quite?

Night visions with stars, in flight, in flight?


But I, writer of dreams, I write, I write

and dream of birds, in flight, in flight.


I took a poetry break from my writing on sexual harassment (because really, I need a break). This is a ghazal for dVerse.  It’s a bit different from others I’ve written. For my “signature couplet” I’ve used writer. My birth last name is Schreiber, which means scribe or writer. I took my first line “sometimes we dream of birds” from Sarah Connor’s Eventide story/novel/epic. Thanks, Sarah!






50 thoughts on “In Flight

  1. I feel like flying flying along with you. The ending couplet works beautifully:

    But I, writer of dreams, I write, I write
    and dream of birds, in flight, in flight.

  2. This certainly captures the music of the ghazal (and seems to be in line with the several bird poems I’ve already read). The bird in flight captures our imagination in very poetic way. Our hearts and souls seem to soar as we watch them take flight, fit into formations, circle and get lost in space. Your poem very much realizes that.
    Thank you!

    • Thank you so much, Rob. That first line came to me a few days ago from Sarah’s line, and then yesterday while I was out walking in the park, I got so absorbed in watching the birds. 🙂

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