The sky is sunny, the sky is grey

thoughts fall like rain within my brain

but fan into a rainbow bright

and dance in dreams later at night.


I walk past statues, I see stories,

in shadows and art, love and hearts

rise, fall with martyrs. I hold books,

(sacred) as nymphs slide into brooks


rippling pools and startling robins

that rise in song, and before long

my thoughts come โ€˜round, circle in flight

from darkness swayed to soar in light.


Anmolโ€™s prompt on dVerse asks us to walk and observe. Those who follow my blog know that I do this often. There has been a lot on my mind lately–and there has also been a lot of rain– and this poem combines a few walks in Philadelphia and in S. Jersey.

WP seems to be possessed again. I hope the photos show up.







41 thoughts on “Meanders

    • Thank you, Marian. I wouldn’t mind a rainbow, but I don’t want more storms! (We had a tornado watch yesterday afternoon till 10:00 PM). Fortunately, nothing here. The photos showed up twice when I looked at the preview, so I deleted the photo. Then it looked like there was nothing in my draft, but when I went to preview, it showed up. Wacky!

  1. Love this: “thoughts fall like rain within my brain.” We went for a bike ride on Sunday (my first in a couple of months) and that happened. Thoughts poured down like rain, although I couldn’t have described it that way at the time. Fortunately I brought a small notebook and could jot down some of those thoughts when we took a break (and some of those thoughts led to my post about Teddy). Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, as always.

    • Thank you very much! ๐Ÿ™‚
      There was a difference between what I was seeing in my draft and what I was seeing in the preview. WP demons messing about again, I guess.

      • Yesterday, I was irritated to see that WP had stuck an ad right in the middle of Anmol’s poem. There were two more ads at the end, but to break a poem in half with an ad for cheap air flights is so disrespectful!

      • I just went to that post, but I don’t see it. Sometimes in the e-mails I see ads that appear at the bottom, but not on the web page. There was one that was very annoying, so maybe I saw it, too, yesterday.

      • I told him about the ad in a comment and the time for me to write it the ad had disappeared. Crafty. Those ads in the emails are so uninteresting. Someone should tell them that a photo of a computer keyboard is so boring nobody is going to click on it, or ads for acne cures etc.

  2. The rhymes are particularly delightful in this verse โ€” the entire coming around of thoughts is relatable and that soaring in light is such a lovely way of ending it. The “books/brooks” analogy and sound made me smile. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Funny how thoughts swirl in and out like that – dark to light – wandering as we walk. Wonderful – I wonder where in S Jersey you were. What a cute ‘reading girl.’

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