Going Forth–Haibun


Today tanks roll through the nation’s capital, and jets fly over a divided country, but I remember another Fourth of July where people came together to witness a union. Outside fireworks boomed and flared, but inside, love lit up the room. No excess displays are needed to whitewash the facts. Here, we share a couple’s happiness. With the stomp of a goblet, we’re reminded of the simple truth that love. . . is love is love is love. . .and that it endures.


lovers stand and watch

colors streak across the sky—

shattered glass echoes

through time, a kaleidoscope,

love forms and reforms again


Today is my younger daughter and son’s wedding anniversary. A few years ago, we celebrated three weddings within about two years. First our older daughter married her wife, then younger daughter married her husband, and then my sister married her wife. (You can find posts about them, if you’re interested, by searching Love and Marriage.)

This is a Haibun with a tanka instead of the traditional haiku for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday. and Frank Tassone’s Haikai Challenge, “Independence.”







46 thoughts on “Going Forth–Haibun

  1. What a lot of weddings, and a timely reminder that there are other things to celebrate than military gismos. What does the glass stomping signify btw?
    Had to go through Frank’s blog to get here. Couldn’t open the post from mail.

    • Thank you so much! That dress was so her. When she put it on–that was the one. She got it as a sample gown, cash and carry, and fortunately the costumer at her college did the alterations for free as a gift. The circus in DC is a horror.

      • I like the way your daughter thinks … or should I say “shops”? 🙂 I’ll wait for Stephen Colbert to cover the circus next week 😉

      • She really kept things a reasonable price for the wedding, and she is good at budgeting, which she did not learn from her parents. 🙂 I’m sure Colbert will do a good job.

  2. I’m late, but I’m here!
    Wonderful things to celebrate indeed….Sans tanks and airlanes…Such fanfare is over the top, anyway 😉

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  4. I have goosebumps after reading your amazing words, Merril. What a tribute to your family. I couldn’t open the post either but I found a work around. Seems WP is having mail issues all around. Cheers to you and yours. ❤

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  6. Thank you for “Going Forth.” People faling in love, marrying, and making a life togther is what makes a country great, not self-aggrandizing politicans. Happy anniversary to your younger daughter and your son.

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