The Ghosts Linger, a Legacy

Monday Morning Musings:

“Legacy, what is a legacy?

It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see”

From Lin-Manuel Miranda, “The World Was Wide Enough,” Hamilton


All ghosts linger–

they sail on secret rhythms,

brilliant in the joy

they celebrate

floating beyond

the melancholy twilight,

blushing in time’s embrace,

they laugh the poetry of morning

and cry midnight’s anguished tears.


Legend says—

at Yorktown, the British played

“The World Turned Upside Down”


But now

let’s sound the truth–


(facts unknown back in our youth)


of the airports there

and the rockets’ red glare


over forts that didn’t yet exist


People believe, they twist

facts to follow ignorance


a delightful dance



by putting down others

smothering new thought

we say, we ought


to do this or that


and debate

ideas reborn, the hate


lingers, like ghosts


unfurl the blue, white, and red

we eat, well fed


find comfort and ease

with old friends,


no worries to please


they accept me

as I dance, don’t flee,


smile to see another side

of me (I sometimes hide)


well maybe it’s the drink

(very pink)


but doubtful, I think


since I danced around my kitchen

making ratatouille, listening

We’ll tell the story of tonight. . .

or we’ll forget

no regrets


in memories fragmented

by time segmented


the ghosts linger

like dreams


my mom tells, unreal,

but she feels

somehow, they appeal


false stories

in strange categories


one day weak

the next lucid, painting

no straining, no waning

her truth, her art


from her heart

that her eyes can’t see


she’s free in creating,

though it’s frustrating


for her and us

the ghosts linger, discuss


in whispers

we sisters fret



but let’s


just do this


on another day, we’re fine

homemade pizza and wine


Stranger Things

the Upside Down brings


relief, as believable

not inconceivable


in this crazy world,

where conspiracies unfurled


believed as fact

impossible to retract


swirling in tornado winds

we wait to see what sunshine brings

a new day

a new way


yet the ghosts linger in


morning laughter

midnight’s tears


all the ever afters

of joy and fears


future on past climbs–

we see the light


of stars long dead,

still traveling through time


in sparkling trains go, come

and still, a legacy


(enduring beyond)


the moon, she hums.

Full Moon over Woodcrest Station


Another strange week with presidential lunacy amidst his narcissistic parade, storms alternating with sunshine–and some quality time spent in the basement during a tornado warning! My mom is perfectly fine one minute, and totally not the next. We watch the new season of Stranger Things (still a couple episodes to go) on Netflix, but sometimes feel like we’re already living in the Upside Down.






31 thoughts on “The Ghosts Linger, a Legacy

  1. The way you’ve woven together ghosts and false stories really starts my week and my sleepy overtired brain off with a powerful image that I will be untangling at least all day. Think of the web of ghosts in the world. If it were visible it would look like the whole world was held together with ghosts, sort of like duct tape. But then false stories, they are their own duct tape, aren’t they?
    What is Stranger Things that everyone keeps talking about? I am TV illiterate.

    • Thank you for the lovely compliment, Luanne! Much appreciated.
      Yes, false stories definitely are their own duct tape. Maybe more of a web or a maze. And I picture the ghosts more as a tapestry–oh, dear, now I’ll have to write about that.

      Do you have Netflix? Stranger Things is on Netflix. Season 3 came out on July 4, that’s why you’re hearing about it right now. It’s set in the 1980s–and has the vibes of some of the movies from that era with kids, like Stand By Me–and Winona Ryder. There’s another world, the Upside Down with creatures that come into our world. I’m not doing a very good job of describing it. Hahaha. Watch the trailers. 🙂

      • Yes, write about the tapestry of ghosts!!!!
        Hmm. We do and don’t have Netflix. We have an account that we share with daughter, but our TV is so old-fashioned it’s very difficult and we don’t want to watch TV on a computer.

      • OK. That’s going to be a title of something for me: The Tapestry of Ghosts!
        We don’t have a “smart” TV–we use Chromecast to “cast” our Netflix to TV. Maybe that’s an option.

  2. It’s definitely the Upside-Down. Hearing Trump name-calling journalists on the news again this morning, I wonder how much more he can degrade the presidency and our country. But ghosts are also ghosts of hope…
    I’m glad your mother has lucid moments. It’s an unpredictable roller coaster, the very end of life.
    As usual, full of wisdom and love. (K)

    • Thank you very much.
      Yes, it is a daily roller coaster ride with my mom–very stressful–and it is not helped by our Upside Down world or the book I’m working on sexual harassment. So many horrible things–I do have to stop and find beauty and love in the world.

  3. I simply adore your Monday Musings, Merril!
    I read, and breathe and look forward to the next line, then sigh when I realise the end has arrived…

  4. The Oracle was whispering in this one (and my daughter with her musical moon). I don’t know what Stranger Things is either, but they don’t come much stranger than your president.
    It looks as though you’re doing a great job of keeping your mother happy, and she’s doing a great job of keeping herself active and participating in life.

  5. I think that, while he’s visiting us, the Telepromptee forgets that he’s not in the Upside Down, where he’s free to rewrite the facts, unchallenged.

  6. The upside to living in the upside down would be if the upside down was the Down Under, or Oz. We have a friend from Tallahassee who moved to Perth, Australia many years ago. It’s not a perfect place but it’s more right side up than we are. I heard about the airports during the Revolutionary War. Who knew George flew? Man was ahead of his time. 🙄 One of your lines, “Just do this,” perfect in relation to the photos of you and your mom and family. I don’t want to live in a bubble, but these days I feel like shrinking my world to just the people I love is the healthiest thing to do. Thank you for sharing your mom with us ❤️

    • Thank you, Marie. Things are just crazy here, aren’t they? If someone wrote a novel about it, the criticism would be that it’s too unbelievable. I’ve heard some not so great things Australia is doing recently, too. Sigh.
      Good days and bad with my mom–hence the just do this. 🙂

  7. It sure feels like the Upside Down. There are days when I’m not even sure this is reality (and then it turns out that it is, whether I like it or not). I love your weaving of words, of ghosts and false stories, of joys and heartache. You write the poetry of life.

      • Crazy weather here, too. I couldn’t believe how dark the clouds were that moved in with the storms. I thought for sure we’d have a tornado warning, but we lucked out. Just a thunderstorm warning. I hope things are better with your mom this morning.

      • Thank you, Robin. I’m glad you didn’t get anything too severe. I was afraid we’d get another tornado warning, too. There was a warning for a little bit north of us. SO crazy! My niece lives in PA in the Reading area where they had severe flooding yesterday. Her husband and son had to leave their car and walk home because the roads were flooded!
        Thank you for your kind wishes.

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