This Place, Home




slows down

time has stopped

rather, reversed–

a more pleasant time–

or perhaps it’s a dream.

She wants to stay here. This place

where flowers bloom, and it is spring

always. She gets off at the stop, now to

live another life, or one meant to be.


Colleen is doing an ekphrastic challenge this week, based on the photo above. This is my quick response before the deadline! My poem, an etheree, is based on the feeling that I got from the photo. The scene looks so idyllic, and the “Next Stop Willoughby” episode of The Twilight Zone flashed into my mind.





23 thoughts on “This Place, Home

  1. First let me say that I learn so much from you, Merril, and I thank you. Between Jane, Frank, and you, I will become a decent poet in the end. LOL! I knew this type of poetry had a name, but not what it was called. Ekphrasic poetry uses a photo or work of art from which to gain inspiration, correct? I love what you got out of the photo. The last two lines of your Etheree really hit home for me. ❀

  2. Lovely poem. It makes me think of the too-many-to-count times I rode the Muni through San Francisco, sometimes sitting backwards, wondering about the houses we passed, especially the ones that looked homely and inviting like this. Strange thought, but I’d always wonder if the people living in them were very different from me.

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  4. I know there’s absolutely no connection, but this makes me think of those “ghost connections” and reviewing them in the mind while wondering, “Which one?”
    I apologize for going in this direction, but when my mother lived with me for a year she mostly had quiet moments, and I would wonder where her thoughts were taking her.

    • No need for the apology. I understand this perfectly as you’ve read a bunch of my posts. Perhaps there was an unconscious “ghost connection” here. And I also understand about your mother. 😦

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