Star Sailors


They sail the vast night sky

not-men, timeless,

born of stars’ fevered joy.

They explore eternity,

laughing color


and poetry


flies into her broken heart

bringing if and blushing desire

in words so long secret. . .


and ghosts listen,

and smile, remembering this magic


Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 7.41.49 AM


My message from the Oracle–an almost-puente.  She made me work for it.

22 thoughts on “Star Sailors

  1. We are indeed both sailing the sky…hard not to. She always knows what we need. I’ve been thinking of some lost souls this week, and hoping they are traveling the Milky Way.
    I used the original set, after looking at poet and nature and not feeling anything. But I like Jane’s idea of combining. I also have all those magnets and the magnetic board Nina gave me. Choices! (K)

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