Transitory Structures

Building in a puddle, Philadelphia

A lightning bolt zig zags across the grey and ominous sky. I quickly slide my hand down from the metal pole to clutch the plastic handle of my umbrella. Thunder booms. I walked faster but stop to look down at the sidewalk. There I see an upside-down, ephemeral world; beautiful and transitory, a skyscraper in a puddle.

Ordinary sights

made extraordinary—

in a summer storm


A Haibun for Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday, Poet’s Choice of words.



38 thoughts on “Transitory Structures

  1. It’s a portal!
    My daughter and I finally gave up waiting for it to stop and walked home from the subway in the rain today (we knew we should have taken that umbrella…). There’s definitely magic afoot in a thunderstorm.

  2. What a perfect moment you captured in time. I love watching a thunderstorm from inside where you are safe. Yikes, umbrellas are scary. The surreal world you found in a puddle. Now, that’s special. ❤

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