The Light Behind the Clouds


The storm rolling in


Charcoal clouds

sweep across the sky–

windswept shrouds


summer’s blue, a magic trick

of sun, moon, and stars



with secrets of time.

Watch streaking


carrying ancient glitter

scattered on the earth.


I’m supposed to be working on my book, but somehow my poetry brain took over, and a poem appeared instead of a chapter. Ooops! This is a shadorma sequence for  Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday–synonyms of light and dark.















16 thoughts on “The Light Behind the Clouds

  1. I love when your poetry brain takes over! I’ve been told that writing poetry will help you when writing fiction. It seems to help me. I think it’s your inner muse coming out. I do love your storm photos. The pictures on Instagram were amazing! ❤

  2. When I was actively (trying to) write poetry, it seemed to help with my other writing as well. Good choice to take a break by writing a poem. Good choice for me to take a break by reading your poems 🙂

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