The Laugh of Time

Galactic Cherry Blossom

The galaxy NGC 1156 resembles a delicate cherry blossom tree flowering in springtime in this Hubble image. The many bright “blooms” within the galaxy are in fact stellar nurseries β€” regions where new stars are springing to life. Text credit: ESA (European Space Agency) Image credit: ESA/Hubble, NASA, R. Jansen


Stars flower and breathe brilliant icy clouds

through time, a laugh

haunting the universe with dazzle ghosts

of cool blue fevers dancing in rhythm,

living on


~after the when and the almost~


do we wake up to magic?

Mornings of soft red skies

and a breeze perfuming the air, a kiss of if?

Or do we go into the night un-embraced,

without listening for poetry surrounding us?

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 9.09.14 AM

The Oracle made me work for this one, a puente, this morning. (She’s ancient so her spelling is a bit whimsical.) But now I can go about my day.


35 thoughts on “The Laugh of Time

  1. I just saw that you’d posted. Wow! She really did it again. I’d rarely use either ‘laugh’ or ‘kiss’, but I used both and so did you! And a puente, and with the same message. I love this, it’s away with the stars πŸ™‚

    • Thank you! It’s so funny (but not really πŸ™‚ ) that we got the same words and message and chose the same poetry form. I guess she really wanted the message to get out, instead of doom and gloom. I’ve been in a funk since something of mine did not make the short list and all the mom-stuff going on–but I did get praise from my book editor this week, so I guess it’s just life– good and bad and up and down always–but the stars, or at least their light, goes on.

  2. You have inspired me to finish my blog post (prose, of course) on TIME. The topic has fascinated me for as long as I can remember. Naturally, I will have to post after the memoir hoopla!

    Your puente is perfect. I savor all the magical and mystical in the rhythms, Merril!

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