A Dream Rose from Time



NASA Goddard Space Flight Center from Greenbelt, MD, USA [Public domain]

A dream rose from time

and above the moon,

purple-misted shadows

whispering if in honeyed tones

and recalling the diamond light

of a thousand blue stars


~sleeping now~


she is still,

but soars as a bird

in her slumber

singing of love,

while the music of water and wind

sighs a chant of life and after


Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 8.26.27 AM

The Oracle really made me work this morning for this puente. I’m taking my friend Jane’s advice to make this a collaborative effort, filling in a few spaces when necessary.

26 thoughts on “A Dream Rose from Time

  1. It’s lovely! Even if she did make you work for it. We have so many of the same images. Like collages made from the same images swapped around for different effects. I also had purple but it slipped away somehow.

  2. Jane gives good advice, and I’m sure the Oracle doesn’t mind some collaboration πŸ˜‰ Beautiful puente. The last lines–while the music of water and wind / sighs a chant of life and after–reminds me of the peace and calm I feel when I’m lucky enough to hear the soft bubbling of water in a stream or the wind through sifting the needles of long leaf pines.

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