Remember–We Laughed

Monday Morning Musings

“We spend our lives trying to discern where we end and the rest of the world begins. “

–Maria Popova, Figuring



as through the mist

a figure appears.


real or specter,

as the sun shines

through the fog

What do you see?


I ask

what do you remember

of what, when, and who,


the memories accrued

over time, false with true

to mix with dreams, old and new.


I reflect

on reflections, in the glass

I see time pass

(Remember her laugh.)


I watch

the clouds, stormy river view

to dazzling blue

Delaware River from Patco

View of Delaware River from Patco Train


I listen

for the secrets of trees and birds

and all the words

Swallows at Hawk Haven

Aerial show at Hawk Haven, Cape May

that never convey

truth, but hint—in some way

that trip in rhythm, dance, sway



in family and friends

as time twists and bends


We celebrate

watch comedians on the stage

turn the page


on a new chapter

gather after. . .

and after–


who knows?


(Remember this

and that–

remember to laugh.)


The woman says,

“You look just like your mother,”

and you wonder—


then another woman says,

“Your daughter looks just like you,”

and you wonder if it’s true,


or if it’s as when he says blue,

but you see green,

truth not always what it seems–


but you laugh

and smile, and drink more wine–

the day is fine

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though you ponder, wonder

what is in our minds,

it takes all kinds,


doesn’t it?

The killers and mad men

who change history, again and again—


But there is love, too,

and cats, and smiles

that travel across the miles



You think,

I have few regrets—

as the moon rises and sets


and the clouds sail away,

fears kept at bay,

love, please stay


to rise with the sun—

dawn break, the day begun.


We finished Season 2 of Mindhunters on Netflix, which got me thinking about minds. (Anyone else imagining Agent Ford singing “you’ll be back?”) Our son-in-law graduated from nursing school, and our daughter threw him a surprise party at Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia. Daughter and I went on a bus tour of three wineries in Cape May, NJ: Natali Vineyards, Willow Creek, and Hawk Haven.  I heard Mari Popova read on “Live from Here with Chris Thile.”






















20 thoughts on “Remember–We Laughed

    • Thank you very much, Dale!
      It’s funny, I don’t think my daughters actually look alike, though some people have asked them over the years if they’re twins. But when they’re together, you can definitely tell they’re sisters–and you can definitely tell I’m their mother. 🙂

  1. I must second Jane’s comment. That’s why so many of us are drawn to your poetry and your Monday Morning Musings (even if some of us don’t always read them on Mondays or in the mornings ;)). “as time twists and bends” … doesn’t it, though. We’ve been watching the original Star Trek, alternating with Dark, and the issues around time, free will are so compelling. The sense of time truly twisting and bending, turning it on itself. Sometimes (well, always) I feel we’re in a strange twist of time. Just hoping it will straighten out. Hoping for free will 😉

    • Thank you very much, Marie.
      Well, you know I’m obsessed with time and shows, books, movies, about it. I didn’t realize that “Dark” would be about it so much. And perhaps my favorite original Star Trek episode is “City on the Edge of Forever,” where Kirk and Spock go back in time.
      We definitely live in interesting times. . .

  2. Resemblances are chameleon-like I think. I look in the mirror and see my mother sometimes, and others it’s my father. No one ever says my younger daughter looks like me (they always say the older one does) and yet she resembles my mother’s sister who looked very much like my mother who I look a lot like. It’s a mystery.
    But what’s not a mystery is they way you notice the importances of living…and live them. Jane is right. (K)

    • Thank you, Ken. It was a struggle for my son-in-law–and he only found out the night before the surprise party that he passed, so my daughter was going crazy. 🙂 The quote comes from the preface of Popova’s (of Brainpickings fame) book.

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